Masters of Arts (Theatre)

Masters of Arts (Theatre)


M.A in Theatre focuses on the link between contemporary  theory and practice in theatre with an emphasis on critical  discourses in theatre studies. Graduates explore varieties of  performance including live and performance art, devised  theatre, interdisciplinary performance and new writing. These  aspects are intended to enable graduates to develop work in  applied drama, physical theatre, playwriting, directing, acting,  as well as critical writing and research.  

1.  To expose students to a broad knowledge of contemporary  theatre theory and practice.
2.  To enable students to work with a variety of performance  approaches
3.  To further develop and enhance the creative abilities of  the students in theatre
4.  To expose students to research methodology in theatre
5.  To impart in students a critical approach to analyzing theatre theory and practice

Admission requirements
Applicants must have a Bachelors degree in Literature, Theatre  or Film or the equivalent:- first class; second class(honours) or  Lower Second class with working experience in the relevant  field.

The Masters programs shall normally take four semesters  of sixteen weeks each. Semester one and two are devoted to  coursework and research methodology, semester three to field  and library research ,analysis of data and drafting of the thesis,  in semester four students complete coursework as they finish  the final draft thesis. The dissertation must be submitted to the  department at least a month before the end of the program.

Programme Structure
The minimum units of coursework shall be 42 distributed  through coursework, research and thesis to be covered in  four semesters.

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