Doctor of Philosophy (Literature)

Doctor of Philosophy (Literature)

The Doctor of philosophy programme in Literature is designed to enable students specialize in diverse areas of the discipline. The areas include history of genres, theory and literary study,literature and theatre, literature and film and comparativeliterature.

The programme achieves its objectives in a multidisciplinary context in which relevant aspects of disciplines in the
humanities and social sciences are called into play.  Literature is thus studied as a fluid area of knowledge encompassing
history, sociology, philosophy, psychology and culture among others.
The programme aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. To enable the student acquire the highest level of experience in specified areas of specialization in the discipline.
  2. To help the student develop a multidisciplinary perspective and a holistic interdisciplinary approach to issues and ideas.
  3. To equip the student with topical research skills and thus create an analytical mind that can produce knowledge in Literature and related disciplines.
  4. To enhance the student’s ability to disseminate knowledge through teaching and publishing.

 Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programme, applicants shall be holders of a Master’s degree in Literature from Moi University or its equivalent from a recognized university.

Duration of Programme
The Ph.D Programme in Literature shall normally take three years.

A candidate may be exempted from coursework and examinations and admitted into the D.Phil. programme by research and thesis only, provided that, in addition to admission requirements, the candidate:
Shows evidence of having taught Literature at a recognized university or its recognized equivalent for a minimum of 2 years at the level of Lecturer, and demonstrates breadth, depth and variety of courses taught.
Has undertaken extensive research in various areas of Literature as evidenced by at least two articles published in refereed academic journals or a relevant academic book by a reputable publisher, and which must be submitted for evaluation.
Produces an original research proposal to determine suitability and personal insight regarding the proposed research topic.

Programme Structure
The programme comprises Coursework, Examination and Thesis. The minimum units of coursework shall be 21 and the maximum 24. These consist of at least 12 units at the level 900 courses and the rest from level 800 courses. All courses shall be done during the first year of study for both full and part-time students.  Proposal writing, research, data analysis and thesis writing take the rest of the time.

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