Masters of Arts (Medical Anthropology)

Masters of Arts (Medical Anthropology)


In rapidly changing socio-cultural, economic and political circumstances our society and world are experiencing, there is a need to equip academics, policy makers, planners and managers with appropriate theoretical skills relevant to understanding the workings of society and methodological perspectives  for conducting research and seeking  their application in a variety of contexts. There is now increasing awareness among Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies for the central role Anthropological perspectives can play in policy formulation, planning, project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and extension work. The aim of the programme is therefore to train high level manpower to acquire skills to participate conscientiously in these health-care related activities and contexts.

The main objective of the programme is to offer the Master of Philosophy degree in Medical Anthropology. The specific objectives are:-

  1. To equip students with competence to participate in teaching and research in medical anthropology
  2. To train students in research and analytical skills
  3. To produce high level manpower for the public and private sectors of the economy capable of participating in policy formulation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health related programmes and extension work.
  4. To prepare students for further studies in this area

Admission Requirements
Candidates  must  satisfy the minimum Moi University requirements for the MA degree programme.  Specifically, applicants must be:

  • Holders of a first class or second class honours  upper Division degree of Moi University in Anthropology or related discipline or its equivalent
  • Holders of a lower second class honours degree of Moi University in Anthropology or related discipline or its equivalent and must in addition posses a postgraduate qualification in a relevant field or a postgraduate research experience as evidenced by at least one published paper in referred journal, a book or a chapter in a book.

Duration of the Programme
The programme shall be by coursework, examination, research and thesis and shall extend over a period of two academic years distributed into four semesters of full time attendance.

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