Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)

Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)

The programme seeks to offer specialized training for graduates in the areas of Political science. The programme aims to provide graduates with theoretical, analytical and research skills to enable them contribute meaningfully to the study and practice in Political science. The programme also seeks to foster a symbiotic relationship between the theories and practice of Political science by offering higher training for those already working.  Graduates from this course have the opportunity to follow different but fulfilling career trajectories.

They can be public administrators, managers of public and private institutions as well as international organizations and corporations, researchers and analysts in public policy and public administration. The course also offers opportunity for
graduates to be trainers, educators and scholars specializing in public administration and public policy.
The programme aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. To produce graduates with the highest level of expertise in their areas of specialization within the discipline of Political Science.
  2. To equip students with research skills and an analytical mind that will enable them to advance the frontiers of knowledge.
  3. To enhance students’ ability to disseminate knowledge through teaching research and publications.
  4. To inculcate in students a tradition of continuous scholarship.

Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission into a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme, applicants shall be holders of a Master of Arts degree in Political Science, Forced Migration, International Relations and Public Administration and Public Policy  from Moi University or from institutions of higher learning recognized by Moi University Senate.

Duration of the Programme and Period
This program will be offered in a period of 3 academic years consisting of 2 semesters each.

Structure of the Programme
The Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science shall normally consist of coursework, examinations and Thesis. The minimum
units of coursework shall be 21 units, which will be made up of at least 12 units of level 900 courses.

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