Masters of Arts (PA & Public Policy)

Masters of Arts (PA & Public Policy)


This is an Executive programme t for people already practising Public Administration for a minimum period of two years.
The target audience are middle and senior level managers who may have qualifications from diverse backgrounds; but need
public administration and public policy skills for their career progression. Besides public administrators, the programme is
relevant to managerial staff of private institutions as well as non governmental organizations, international organizations and
corporations. The course offers opportunity for graduates to be specialists, trainers, educators and supervisors specializing
in public administration. The Master of Public Administration (Executive) shall take one calendar year of three semesters.
The programme is designed.

To produce graduates with practical, critical and analytical skills in the field of Public Administration.
To equip students with problem solving skills and techniques for overall national development.
To establish and foster symbiotic relationship between theory and practice in academic programmes in Public
Administration and practical experience in these areas.
At the completion of the programme students will be able to:
(1) Manage public, non governmental and private sector organizations
(2) Handle matters relating to public administration and public policy
(3) Formulate and analyze public policy
(4) Equip graduates with skills to conduct research and disseminate findings

Admission requirements
To qualify for admission into the MPA (Executive) programme,applicants shall be holders of a Bachelor of Arts degree Second
Class Honours, Lower Division from Moi University or those institutions recognised by Moi university senate in the
following areas;

Political Science,•    
International Relations•    
Public Administration •    
Public Policy•    
Force Migration•    
or related discipline •    
And should have experience in the relevant field for a minimum of two years.

Duration of the Programme
The programme shall be offered by Course work, Examination and Research Project and will be undertaken in one calendar
year distributed into three semesters. The third semester is for finalizing the Research Project.

Programme Structure
Students will be expected to take a minimum of 42 units as shown below; Required, Core and Elective Courses including
Research Project.

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