Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili)

Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili)


Candidates registered for the BA Kiswahili degree draw their major area of study from any one of the following three tracks:
Language & Linguistics; Literature & its application; and Translation theory & Practice specializations. All the three tracks will complement each other and unpack Kiswahili studies from the perspective of blending theory and practice while ensuring relevance and response to contemporary and market needs such as emergent issues pertinent to language use; language structures; language planning & economy; language identity, nationalism, regionalism & globalization; linguistic & literary creativity, application and communication, to mention a few. Language diversity, pluralism and multilingualism in the face of national, regional & global communication needs on one hand, and information packaging and dissemination on the other inspire the creation of the translation theory and practice track.


Years 1 & 2
These are formative years that aim to introduce and ground the student in the core areas of Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation studies. At the end of year two, the student should make an informed choice on the track of specialization s/he wishes to follow in the third and fourth years. Consequently, the structure of course requirements for the first two years are as follows:

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