Doctor of Philosophy (Kiswahili Studies)

Doctor of Philosophy (Kiswahili Studies)

Kiswahili Studies Doctoral Degree Programme


Kiswahili is increasingly becoming an important language in Kenya and the world over. Its significance and function in communication, governance, education, advocacy, awareness

creation and especially culture and identity are all recognized and importance emphasized through the legislation of Kiswahili as first official language alongside English and recognized national language in Kenya’s constitution (2010). It therefore behooves the education system, especially higher education to train professionals at tertiary levels. Professionals who will facilitate the implantation and actualization of the vision enshrined in the constitutional articulation.

The department of Kiswahili and other African Languages therefore reviews the existing Doctoral programme to capture the new trends and emerging issues that will ensure the development of Kiswahili as a science and discipline of study; and enhance quality in the use and application of Kiswahili in national, regional and global development.

The Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Kiswahili at Moi University was offered as a research and thesis only programme since 1990. It however was restructured and developed into a taught programme in 1997. The programme has since then been offered through Course Work, Examination and Thesis (CET Programme).

It attracts Kiswahili professionals and students from the academia and/or field of practice including researchers, media practitioners, NGO professionals and others that meet the required qualifications and conditions. The programme is taught in Kiswahili except where the courses are drawn from other complementing disciplines; and the Thesis also should be written in Kiswahili.

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