Masters of Arts (History)

Masters of Arts (History)


This programme which leads to the award of a Master of Arts (MA) degree in History, is designed to expose students to a
wide variety of historical knowledge and critical analysis and presentation of data. More specifically, the programme aims at
equipping students with research and analytical skills for the production and dissemination of historical knowledge,
enhancing students’ ability to appreciate the diversity of global historical and cultural experiences and inculcating in students
patriotism and qualities of good leadership.  The courses in the programme include surveys of world history, general
histories of Africa, Kenya, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States of America.  Students are also introduced
to research methods in history and historical thought. Finally, the programme offers specific courses in economic, political,
environmental, medical, intellectual and gender history.

The programme aims at achieving the following objectives:
i) To produce graduates with the highest level of expertisein  their areas of specialization within the discipline of history.
ii) To equip students with research skills and an analytical mind that will enable them to advance the frontiers of knowledge.
iii) To enhance students’ ability to disseminate knowledge through teaching research and publications.
iv) T o enhance students’ appreciation of the role of culture in society.
v) To inculcate in students principles of good leadership.

Admission Requirements
Candidates must comply with the minimum requirements for admission into an MA program as stipulated by Moi University. In particular, applicants must:
i. Possess a first class or Second Class Honours (upper division) with an emphasis on History as a major subject.
ii. Be holders of a Second Class Honours (Lower Division) degree.

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