Bachelor of Arts with Education (Histoty & Government)

Bachelor of Arts with Education (Histoty & Government)


 This programme is designed to expose students to a wide variety of history and government knowledge so that they are able to understand their nature and importance. More specifically, the programme aims at equipping students with research and analytical  skills for the production and dissemination of history and government knowledge, enhancing students’ ability to appreciate the diversity of global historical, political science and cultural experiences and inculcating in students patriotism and qualities of good leadership.

Programme Structure
Students in this programme shall take all required courses which include BAS and SAS courses and all core courses prescribed in every semester. Elective courses must be chosen in consultation with the degree programme coordinator. The course offerings shall be as listed below.

Key to Course Listing and Descriptions
C = Core, E = Elective (to be chosen from the teaching subject disciplines)

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