Masters of Arts (Geography)

Masters of Arts (Geography)


The programme is intended to produce specialists in the field of Geographic/Spatial Science by giving them a good grasp of the principles and methodology in geography and geospatial science and by exposing them to current issues and research in geospatial science. It seeks to deepen the candidate’s interest in the discipline by advancing his/her knowledge in the field of geographic enquiry. It seeks to further prepare candidates in the use of geographic knowledge and skills at work and in research as well as in meeting their personal and professional needs in innovative, challenging and creative ways.

Eligibility to the Programme
The programme is open to students who satisfy the Moi University Postgraduate Studies requirements for a Master’s degree. In addition to these general requirements (i.e. a first class or upper second-class honours degree from a university recognized by Moi University Senate) candidates to the programme must have taken Geography at undergraduate level.

The programme extends over a period of two (2) years for full-time students.   Part-time attendance can be arranged in compliance with the guidelines of Moi University’s postgraduate studies in which case it shall run for a period of

four (4) years. The programme is divided into four semesters for full-time attendance: the first two semesters are devoted to coursework and research methodology; the third semester is devoted to research work: students are expected to collect and analyze their data and write the first draft of their thesis; in the fourth semester MA in Geography candidates do more coursework while finishing the wring of their thesis.

Coursework and Research Requirements
To qualify for the award of and MA degree in Geography the student must take and pass a sum total of 27 units of coursework. 4 core courses and at least 5 elective courses. Each course carries 3 units and is examinable at the end of the semester in which it is offered. The student must also, present a research seminar paper in the first semester, a proposal in the second semester, carry out research on a topic approved by the department during the third semester, and write and submit her/his thesis at least a month before the end of the fourth Semester.

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