Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)


 A specialization in Sociology  is designed  to achieve the two-fold objective of providing a thorough grounding in the discipline and applying sociological analysis to areas of national concern where graduates can put their sociological understanding and skills into practice.

Students who upon entering the second year of study and opt for sociology as their discipline of specialization have to select their courses in terms of units distributed as given earlier

Field course for third and fourth year students will be arranged to visit projects and institutions concerned with development and social welfare. The organization of the course is coordinated with the teaching in relevant courses by respective lecturers. The course counts  as an assignment and a report is to be submitted, to be assessed as part of course work.

At the end of third year, students are required to undertake a research project. The research project requires field-work during the long vacation following the third year of study, and the project is to be prepared during the first semester of the fourth year and submitted for examination at the beginning of the second semester. The project is executed under supervision of a member of staff assigned by the Department.

Field attachment will be taken at the end of the 3rd  year of study. It is a skills course designed to enable all the 3rd  year students majoring in the discipline get exposure to the practical elements/realities of the didactic material they have mastered at previous levels of study.

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