• Doctor of Philosophy (History)

    This program is designed to enable students to specialize in diverse areas of history.  It covers a number of important themes that relate to the history of Kenya, Africa and other parts of the world.  Also included are specific courses on the philosophy and theory of history and research methodology.

    Objectives of the Programme
    The programme aims at achieving the following objectives:
    i) To produce graduates with the highest level of expertise in their areas of specialization within the discipline of history.
    ii) To equip students with research skills and an analytical mind that will enable them to advance the frontiers of knowledge.
    iii) To enhance students’ ability to disseminate knowledge through teaching research and publications.
    iv) T o enhance students’ appreciation of the role of culture in society.
    v) To inculcate in students a tradition of continuous scholarship.

    Learning Outcomes
    The Programme is expected:
    i) To produce quality historians endowed with a wide variety of historical knowledge.
    ii) To produce professional historians acquainted with the highest research and analytical skills for the advancement of society.
    iii) To produce professional historians able to disseminate knowledge in a global context.
    iv) To produce professional historians committed to continuous research and scholarship.

    Admission Requirements
    To qualify for admission into a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme, applicants shall be holders of a Master of Arts degree in History from Moi University or from institutions of higher learning recognized by Moi University Senate. Teaching Methodologies /Instructional Strategies Lectures, Class Presentations, Seminars, Field Research,Archival Research, Supervision and e-learning platform

    Assessment Mode
    The mode of assessing the students will be 60 per cent in Semester Examinations and 40 per cent in Continuous Assessment. At the end of the coursework, PhD students will have to write a Thesis which will be examined including oral defense examination.

    Programme Duration and Review
    The programme lasts for two academic years of two semesters each and is subject to review every 3-4 years in accordance with the Moi University Senate regulations.

    Duration of the Programme and Period
    This program will be offered in a period of 3 academic years consisting of 2 semesters each.

    Assessment and Examination Requirements
    The PhD programme in History shall normally consist of a total of 60 units and a maximum of 81 units of graded seminar papers, end of semester examination, research, thesis writing and defense.

    Candidates will be required to make a presentation of their:

    1. Research Proposal defended successfully in Departmental Seminar and awarded a mark
    2. A Research Paper presented in a Departmental seminar in a student’s area of specialization
    3. Field and Archival data collection and analysis.
    4. Thesis writing and successful oral defiance of Thesis Monitoring and Evaluation

    Besides evaluation by coursework, seminar presentations, assignments and end of semester examinations other monitoring mechanisms shall include:
    i. Supervision
    ii. Students’ progress reports
    iii. Students’ evaluation of course efficacy at the end of each semester.
    Continuous Assessment Tests will constitute 40% of the total mark.
    The exception will be those units assessed exclusively by seminar presentations. These will be examined out of 100%
    in accordance with university regulations.

    The Structure of the Programme
    The Doctor of Philosophy in History shall normally consist of coursework, examinations and Thesis. The minimum units
    of coursework shall be 21 units, which will be made up of atleast 12 units of level 900 courses. 

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology)

    This programme is intended to produce specialists in the field of Sociology by advancing knowledge of the candidate’s interest in the discipline in a specialized field of social enquiry. The program is expected to provide trained manpower required in teaching, research, extension, consultancy and national development.  The Doctor of Philosophy degree programme in Sociology is designed to produce highly trained and well-equipped sociologists who can tackle modern and post-modern sociological challenges and problems facing society.

    Registration for Doctor of Philosophy Programme
    The Doctor of Philosophy program shall normally consist of coursework, examination and thesis.  The minimum units of coursework shall be 28 units, which will be made up of at least 10 units of level 9 courses and the rest must come from level 8 courses.  All coursework shall be done in the first year of study for both full-time and part-time students.  The rest of the time shall be devoted to proposal writing, research, data analysis and thesis writing.

    Programme Structure
    With the exception of candidates admitted under 3 (b) above, the first year of study will be devoted to coursework and proposal writing as follows:-

    Year 1
    Semester I:  At least 9 units of coursework and a maximum of 6 units of research proposal writing.
    Semester I: At least 12 units of coursework and a minimum of 3 units of research proposal writing and presentation.
    Year 2
    At least 15 units of fieldwork and thesis writing
    Year 3
    At least 15 units of fieldwork and thesis writing
    The research proposal shall be presented at the School (SASS) staff seminar series before being presented to the School (SASS) Board of Graduate Studies in accordance with the Common Regulations governing the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Moi University.
    An applicant can be granted exemption for all or part of the coursework requirements based on qualification, research and university teaching experience decided on individual merit. The applicant so exempted is still free to audit courses at any level.

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