Postgraduate Diploma in Religious Studies


One of the main functions of the Department of Religion is to provide a comprehensive and in depth knowledge of the complex religious reality in society today. To meet this aim, the department has introduced a Postgraduate Diploma in Religious Studies in addition to the already existing undergraduate, M. Phil and D.Phil programmes.The Post-graduate Diploma in Religious Studies is intended to provide opportunity for those who may have first degrees in any discipline and who would like to broaden their knowledge of religion and its functions in society. The diploma covers a wide range of courses drawn from various religious traditions and pertinent issues in the contemporary world.


To equip candidates with religious knowledge to cope with interpersonal situations within the context of religious pluralism.To provide further knowledge in religion to teachers, religious personnel, social workers and others.To give opportunity for higher degree studies in religion.Eligibility and RequirementsHolders of a degree of Moi University or any other recognized university or,

• Holders of qualification considered by the Senate to be equivalent to a university degree.

• Holders of degrees from theological and other institutions 2. which do not meet the above requirements maybe considered under “Exemptions” as stipulated in Rules and Regulations of the School of the Graduate Studies page 24 number 12.

Duration and Course Structure

The duration of the programme will be a minimum of nine months. The PGDR shall consist of course work, seminars, project and Examination. It will consist of a minimum of 26 units and maximum of 30 units spread over two consecutive semesters.

In the first semester of study candidates shall be required to take at least four courses (two of which must be core) amounting to 12 units and two units of Project Proposal. In this regard candidates will be required to identify at an early stage the nature of the project.In the second and final semester, candidates will be required to take at least 2 courses (one of which must be core) and 6 units of a project.

Semester 1

Core Courses

Code           Title                                                                                                   Units

REL 710         Emerging Themes in World Religions                                               3

REL 711         Philosophical and Religious Analysis of Modern Issues                    3

REL 712         Project Proposal                                                                                  2


REL 713         Religion in Current Political, Economic and Moral Issues in Africa   3

REL 714         Guidance and Counseling                                                                   3

REL 715         Biblical Survey                                                                                    3

REL 716         Religion and Human Rights                                                                 3

Semester 2

Core Courses

REL 720        Contemporary Issues in African Religion                                            3

REL 721        Project                                                                                                  6


REL 722        Religion, Society and Development                                                    3

REL 723        Selected Contemporary Themes in Islam                                             3


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