Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations


The Programme seeks to provide an opportunity for students who wish to specialize in the area of international relations and diplomacy. The Postgraduate Diploma is structured to meet the needs of individuals who are practically engaged in assignments or duties that demand deeper understanding of the dynamics of International diplomatic relations.While providing students with a theoretical understanding of international relations, the course will also be enriched by the participation of people from diverse backgrounds who have hands-on experience as well as those involved in humanitarian work. The programme also provides opportunity for Graduate students who desire to improve their skills in international relations.


• To train all round learners capable of handling all International relations and diplomatic matters

• To expose students to workings of International organizations and institutions

• To equip students with skills in conflict resolution

• To equip students with skills to undertake social science research.

Admission requirements

Candidates must be graduates with a good first degree in Arts and Social Sciences from

1. Moi University or an equivalent from accredited institutions recognized by Moi University senate.

2. Candidates who have relevant work experience in the area of international relations and diplomatic service will have an added advantage.

Programme Duration

The Postgraduate Diploma programme in International Relations consists of coursework and examination and shall normally take a period of one calendar year.

Course Structure

Students in this programme shall take all required courses and all core courses prescribed in every semester. Electives can be chosen from any programme in our school or option courses are chosen from any programme in other schools in the university. Elective courses must be chosen in consultation with the Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator.

For a student to graduate they must have a minimum of 40 units. of course work, examination and project distributed over two consecutive semesters for full time students.

Semester 1


Code       Title                                                                                  Units

PGIR 710  Research Methods                                                                             3

PGIR 711 Research Seminar I                                                                            2


PGIR 712 Critical issues in International Relations                                            3

PGIR 713 Diplomatic Theory and Practices                                                      3

PGIR 714 International Organizations and the Contemporary World Order 3

PGIR 715 International Law                                                                               3

Take any one of the Electives

PGIR 716 Foreign Policy Analysis                                                                      3

PGIR 717 Terrorism in the Context of World Politics                                        3

Sub-Total Units      20

Semester 2


PGIR 720 Research Seminar 11                                                                     2


PGIR 721 International Conflict and Conflict Resolution                            3

PGIR 722 Africa in International Relations                                                   3

PGIR 723 Kenya’s Foreign Policy                                                                3

PGIR 724 Research Project                                                                            6

Take any one of the Electives

PGIR 725 Seminar on Strategic and NationalSecurity Studies                      3

PGIR 726 Refugees in Contemporary World politics                                    3

Sub-Total Units        20

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