Masters of Arts (Religion)


An M.A.in Religion programme is designed to instill a critical and analytical approach and outlook in the student’s perception
for application of the same knowledge for development at local, national and International levels. The Programme strives to serve the Kenyan Society by meeting the academic andpractical development needs and interests of a wide spectrum of people.

Programme Objectives

  • To enable the students acquire an in-depth understanding of Religion in order to provide manpower needs in academic and non-academic fields for the development of the society.
  • To expose the students to various Religious traditions with a view to promoting independent thought and tolerance in their approach to life.
  • To assist M.A. graduates to apply their Religion expertise in finding solutions to problems in their society.
  • To help the student develop a multidisciplinary perspective and a holistic interdisciplinary approach toissues and ideas.
  • To equip the student with topical research skills and thus create an analytical mind that can produce knowledge in Religion and related disciplines.
  • To enhance the student’s ability to disseminate knowledge through teaching and publishing.

Admission Requirements
The following shall be eligible for registration:

  1. A holder of a First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) honours degree of Moi University. A holder of SecondClass (Lower Division with TWO years field experience in the relevant area.
  2. A candidate who has obtained a first degree from an accredited University and recognised by Moi University Senate as equivalent to a first class or second class (upperdivision) honours degree of Moi University.

The programme shall normally be undertaken for a period of two academic years of two semesters each.

First Semester

Code Title Units
SAS 810 General Research Methods (Required) 3
REL 896 Research Seminar (Required) 2
REL 810 Comparative Religion (Core) 3
REL 811 Theories of Religion (Core) 3
Christianity Tract
REL 812a Modern Trends in Christian Theology (Core) 3
REL 812b Hebrew (Elective) 3
REL 812c Greek (Elective) 3
REL 812d History of Christian Doctrine (Elective) 3
African Religion
REL 813a African Anthropology and World View (Core) 3
REL 813b African Specialists (Elective) 3
REL 813c African Pneumatology (Elective) 3
REL 814a Studies in The Quran (Core) 3
REL 814b Islamic History (Elective) 3
REL 814c Islamic Theology (Elective) 3

Second Semester

Code Title Units
REL 898 Research Proposal (Required) 3
REL 820 Research Methods In Religion (Core) 3
REL 821 African Religion and Philosophy (Core) 3
Christianity Tract
REL 822a Theology of the New Testament (Core) 3
REL 822b New Testament in Modern Scholarship (Elective) 3
REL 822c History of Christianity in Africa (Elective) 3
African Religion
REL 823a Worship Festivals, Rituals in African Religion (Core) 3
REL 823b African Religion and Social Transformation (Elective) 3
REL 823c African Folklore and Mythology (Elective) 3
REL 824a Studies in Hadith (Core) 3
REL 824b Islamic Worship and Festivals (Elective) 3
REL 824c Modern Islamic Movements (Elective) 3

Third Semester

Code Title Units
REL 898 Research, Data Collection,Analysis & 1 Draft (R) 9

Fourth semester

Code Title Units
REL 899 Thesis 6
REL 840 Christian Ethics (Christianity tract) 3
REL 841 African Ethics & Jurisprudence (African Religion tract) 3
REL 842 Islamic Ethics (Islam tract) 3
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