Doctor of Philosophy (Anthropology)


The Doctor of philosophy programme in Anthropology is aimed at developing and consolidating the highest level of
scholarship, creative thinking and writing, research capability and leadership in one’s area of interest and specialization.
The objectives of the Doctor of philosophy programme in Anthropology are:

  1. To equip students with the highest levels of knowledge, skills and personality to teach anthropology.
  2. To train students to acquire analytical skills to carry out scientific research and consultancy
  3. To produce high level manpower for institutional management and leadership.
  4. To assist students to acquire the highest levels of expertise in their area of specialization within the discipline.

Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission into the Doctor of philosophy programme, applicants shall be holders of a Master of philosophy degree in Anthropology or a related discipline from Moi University or its equivalent from a recognized university.

Structure of the Programme
The Doctor of philosophy program shall normally consist of coursework, examination and thesis.  The minimum units of
coursework shall be 21 units.  All coursework shall be done in the first year of study for both full-time and part-time students.
The rest of the time shall be devoted to proposal writing, research, data analysis and thesis writing.  The following is
the distribution of the work.

First Semester

Course Code                          Course Title 

ANT 910                                Advanced Theory in Anthropology
ANT 911                                History and Development of Anthropological Thought
ANT 912                                Methods of Social Science Research and Statistics
ANT 913                                Anthropology in Africa
ANT 914                                Cognitive Anthropology
ANT 915                                Political Anthropology
ANT 812                                Population, Culture and Development
ANT 814                                Ethics in Anthropological Research and Practice
ANT 919                                Thesis Research Concept

Second Semester

Course Code                          Course Title 

ANT 920                             Project Planning, Management and Evaluation 

ANT 921                             Theory and Methods in Psychological Anthropology
ANT 922                             Culture, Identity and Conflict
ANT 923                             Culture and Health
ANT 924                             Culture and Technology
ANT 826                             Development Anthropology
ANT 828                             Community Development
ANT 929                             Research Proposal

Third & Fourth Semester

Course Code                          Course Title 

Third Semester & Fourth Semester
ANT949                              Field and Library Research

Fifth & Sixth Semester

Course Code                          Course Title 

ANT 960                            Biological Anthropology
ANT 961                            Tourism and Environment
ANT 969                            Thesis

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