Diploma in Literary Journalism


The Diploma in Literary Journalism focuses on the development of creative and critical skills in the writing and appreciation of memoirs, personal essays, travel writing, biography, feature writing, news writing, and sports writing, which form an important part of journalistic literature for the print and electronic media. The programme prepares students for further studies in literature, creative writing and journalism. It also aims to provide skills that will enable students to pursue careers in creative and journalistic writing.

Admission requirements

To qualify for admission into the Diploma in Literary Journalism programme, applicants should be in possession of a C overall grade or one principal pass at a-level, or a certificate in Journalism or Literature from a recognized College.

Duration of Programme

The Diploma in Literary Journalism Programme shall normally take two semesters of 16 weeks each.

Structure of the Programme

The student will be expected to take a minimum of 42 units and a maximum of 48 units for the duration of the programme.

Semester 1

Core Courses

DLJ 110Critical Approaches and Processes of Literary Criticism   3

DLJ 111 Introduction to Theories of Writing 3

DLJ 112 Critical Review and Writing   3

DLJ 113 Literary Essay Writing 3*Any three of the following

DLJ 114 EInvestigative reporting   3

DLJ 115 EInterview Techniques   3

DLJ 116 E Writing and Publishing for Children   3

DLJ 117 E Drama Criticism 3

Total 21

Semester 2


DLJ 120 Designing and Writing Critical Works   3

DLJ 121 Feature Writing  3

DLJ 122 Auto/Biographical Writing  3

DLJ 123 Project3*Any three of the following

DLJ 124E Editing Techniques   3

DLJ 125E Script Conception and Writing   3

DLJ 126E Poetry Conception and Writing   3

DLJ 127E Short Story Conception and Writing   3

DLJ 128E Fiction Conception and Writing   3

Total   21

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