Core Values

Core Values


Our Objectives are to:

  • To produce quality graduates who are responsible and can effectively serve a changing local and international society.
  • To programme the clinical seminars as a medium of conducting research and disseminating the findings.
  • To revamp the Legal Aid Clinic as a medium of teaching and provision of legal services to the indigent.
  • Establish Law Reviews and journals in specific areas of research.
  • To harness available institutional linkages for optimum conduct of research and delivery of legal training to various cadres of legal practitioners.


  • To promote research and scholarship through publication of at least two (2) journals every year.
  • To cultivate and develop at least one (1) linkage with other like minded institutions every year in areas of research and scholarship
  • To produce at least one hundred and fifty (150) graduates of law every year
  • To provide legal aid services to at least five (5) indigent persons every month through our Legal Aid Clinics

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